23 Cool Ways To Add Shade To Your Backyard

Yep, this is a SUBSTANTIAL investment but it’ll last for eons and really step up your backyard decor game.

Promising review: “As others have said, this is a one-day project for two folks, better with three. If you aren’t handy with tools, it could be more than you may want to bite off. The varnish coating of the wood from the factory is a light coating. I added one coat of marine varnish on top, and it sealed it up very nicely. And looks great. I applied the varnish after the pergola was erected, and it took a good 6 hours to cover everything. Was also a little scary trying to reach towards the middle when on a ladder to cover the 2x2s. If you are going to paint, it would be much easier to paint before assembly.

When running the 2×2’s over the top, it is best to put one screw in the end, then walk the boards one screw at a time. Some come a little warped and curved from the factory. Using a jib and a pry bar, you can walk them straight. Also, I ordered an extra set of the 2×2 top pieces with screws from the factory. This doubles the shade, and really improves the look in my opinion.” —AlligatorSam

Get it from Amazon for $1,1980.

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