Best Apps of the Week May 17, 2019

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Take a look at an iconic monument in augmented reality in our top new app of the week. Some of our other selections include a great way to help kids learn to read and a fun way to make music by just waving your hands.

Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty – Ellis Island

An AR-Powered Look at an Iconic Monument

Released to celebrate the opening of the new Statue of Liberty Museum at the base of the landmark in New York, the app features a number of different unique AR experiences.

Rivet by Area 120

Rivet by Area 120

Area 120

Help Kids Learn to Read With More Than 2,000 Free Books

There are eight different reading levels in the app and a number of features to help keep kids engaged.

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roboheadz ltd

Make Music With a Hand Wave

Using the TrueDepth camera in any iPhone X series handset, the app allows you to synthesize music by holding your hands in the air. Hands can control the audio pitch and volume of a range of special voice.s. There is also a unique theremin style option.



Frederick Williams

Skip the Line at Your Favorite Food Truck

StreetFed makes eating at your favorite food truck even easier. With the app, you can find the location of a specific food truck, see menus, and even pay for the meal.


Philtro - Photo Filters


Andrea Michieletto

A One-Stop Shop for Photos

Blender Video Editor/Converter

Blender Video Editor/Converter

Hicham RK

Make Your Videos Better

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