LeBron's Banana Boat Pic Recreated By Spurs Stars On Giant Wiener

Manu Ginobili and Spurs Forget Bron’s Banana Boat Check Out Our Wiener!

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How do you one-up LeBron‘s famous Banana Boat pic? Ya can’t … but this is close!

Manu Ginobili and a bunch of his old Spurs teammates hopped on a giant inflatable hot dog Friday to pay tribute (?) to the most famous flotation device pic ever taken!! 

Here’s the order from front to back … Boris DiawTiago Splitter, Patty Mills and Manu pulling up the rear. 

They’ve even nicknamed themselves the “WienerBoatBoys” … a nod to Bron’s “Banana Boat Crew.” 

Remember, Bron — along with Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul and Gabrielle Union — hopped on that big yellow floatie back in 2015 in a pic that IMMEDIATELY went viral. 

The funny thing about the new pic … is Manu and his wiener-mates were all part of that San Antonio Spurs team that beat LeBron and D-Wade’s Miami Heat team in the NBA Finals back in 2014!

By the way, the Spurs squad posted about the hot dog ride … 

“Our WienerBoat may have been a bit undersized for us!” Manu said … with Diaw adding “I don’t know if you notice but the hot dog wiener boat is sinking in the back, not in the front.”

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