Video: Canada Goose–Approved ‘Humane’ Trap Breaks Everything It Touches

The world is turning its back on fur, and Canada Goose knows it. But rather than doing the humane thing and switching to luxe, warm, high-quality faux fur as so many top designers and popular brands have done, Canada Goose decided to spew false and misleading information about “humane” traps.

The company alleges that it’s perfectly fine to set out steel traps in nature that slam closed on the limbs of unsuspecting coyotes (or any other animals who step in them) and restrain them there, helpless, vulnerable, and terrified. As animals frantically struggle to free themselves, they may try to twist or chew off their mutilated limbs in desperation—especially mothers frantic to return to their pups, who will likely starve to death without them. The trauma that the trapped animals endure may last for days until a trapper comes to shoot, strangle, or bludgeon them to death.

It’s all completely humane, according to Canada Goose, because the steel traps follow certified “standards,” some of which require companies to line the jaws of the trap in a thin layer of plastic or rubber called “padding.” These traps are virtually identical to their nonpadded counterparts.

So PETA decided to find out for ourselves: Just how much damage can a steel trap do when it has “padding” in place? In our new video, see what we found when we tested a Canada Goose–certified “humane” trap on pencils, vegetables, and more.

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You can see why the American Veterinary Medical Association calls these traps “inhumane” and why the European Union has banned them and a growing number of U.S. states—including California, Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Washington—have restricted their use.

Tell Canada Goose that you’re not buying its lies or its coats, and ask it to switch to faux fur and down alternatives now:

Canada Goose, Using Fur and Down Isn’t ‘Humane’

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